About us


European Association “World-Our Home” is an NGO active at European level working in youth, social, educational and cultural fields since 1999. The main aim of Association is promotion of European active citizenship, solidarity, multiculturalism, human rights and other values as well as non-formal education on local, regional and European level. The organization is busy with European youth exchange projects, seminars, trainings, international cultural projects. The organization actively participates in Erasmus +, Europe for Citizens, EEA Grants programmes. WOH is a hosting, sending and coordinating in EVS programme. The organization gives people the opportunity to learn foreign languages and get acquainted with different cultures in order to get European awareness, to gain more possibilities for social integration into the European community and make successful choice in their career. Organisation has a strong cooperation with public and education institutions and other European networks.

Unique Projects

Association "Unique projects" unifies young proactive people. Members of organization try to expand occupation of young people, bring new alternatives of spending their free time, encourage self-actualizing, create favourable conditions for young people and members to improve and grow like creating, thinking and acting personalities. We try to develop values of moral and culture, work and art skills, educate about importance of action, non-formal learning for the reason that learning starts from the habits of humanity: accepting new people in your own community, ability to help them. We encourage the youth to be active, communicate with different people and discover new stories, traditions, inspirations and relationships with people. Our association has many goals, but one of the most important for us is friendly and active society.  Organisation is active in taking part in international projects, as well as initiating local events.


KOBIETY.LODZ.PL is a non-profit, non-governmental consulting-educational organization. The main goals are: - creating intercultural bridges between local and international people; - supporting intergenerational approach (we are working with youth as well as adult beneficiaries); - promoting European and local volunteering projects; - identifying the needs of local community according to our mission and trying to fulfil them through international projects; - using alternative tools such as social photography, as transcultural way of expression and communication.
In order to reach these goals, KOBIETY.LODZ.PL organizes various events, including: - civil society projects; - hosting, sending and coordinating EVS projects; - intercultural events such as festivals, International Movie nights; - organizing of European and local seminars and trainings for youth and adults using methods of non-formal education; etc.

MTÜ Noored Toredate Mõtetega

MTÜ Noored Toredate Motetega (MTU NTM, NGO "Youth with Great Ideas") has been active since 2002. It is a developed organization which is responsible for organizing youth camps, youth exchange projects, mobile youth work and has been organizing daily work of several hobby classes for youth and adults. From 2006 until 2008 MTÜ NTM offered an open youth centre service in its brand new rooms created for that purpose. MTU NTM leads the youth centre "Aeg-Ruum" in Tartu centre and youth centres in Tammistu and Aksi.
From 2014 MTÜ NTM is busy with mobile social work service outside of Tartu with the help of organization's own transport. In Tartu MTÜ NTM leads an active work, and it is an organizer of different local and European events and civil society projects. The organization has a constant cooperation with the local municipality, Tartu university, local public and cultural institutions, museums, libraries and culture houses, due to the common projects and activities.