Project "15th Anniversary of EU Enlargement" is created by four organizations from four European countries- Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. Year 2019 is a year of remembrance, marking the 15th Anniversary of the enlargement of the EU. 


AIMS of the project are:

1. to raise awareness of citizens about an important historical, economic and political event in 2004 - the enlargement of the EU, which was the largest expansion of the EU in terms of territory, number of states and population

2. to involve into the project  social organizations, town municipalities, museums, libraries, universities and schools for cross-sectorial cooperation to achieve more success in this project

3. to create the stable network of Eastern European countries with the aim to disseminate the values of the EU among European and neighbouring countries, to strengthen the EU on its eastern border, to work together for the benefits of the


EU. MAIN ACTIVITIES: This anniversary is an excellent starting point for analyses and debates on the Eastern countries' transition from dictatorship to democracy and their 15 years integration and achievements after the EU expansion. Conferences and seminars with presentation of analyses how the EU accession influenced democratic standards and practices in Eastern European countries, photo exhibitions (the theme- comparing the past and the present), video with interviews will be organized in every partner-country. An international conference with final analyses and a common photo exhibition will be held at the end of the project.


OUTCOMES: The final goal of these project's analyses, TV debates,  public events, photo exhibitions, video is to promote the achievements of European expansion process and to advance future development of the EU. The network of EE countries will be created also for this purpose as a result of the project. About 390 direct and 20000 indirect participants will be involved in the project. The project lasts 16 months.